Why Women Are Better Than Men

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The simple answer is that women fly fighter jets better than men, and crash military helicopters less than a man does, are less expendable according to society’s view point, and according to experts are more important to the children than the father is, and deserve lower costs on car insurance than men according to the experts.

In a day of advance technology and science it’s now a very publicized fact that men only use half of their brain which gives them incredible focus (1)(2)(3). And they’re more muscular. They also have more testosterone which makes them more aggressive. This combining of the right attributes such as aggressiveness and focus can create impressively powerful forms of drive. Have you ever tried telling a man to stop wrestling with his guy friend?

They’re also more expendable since the children are usually more dependent on the mother (4)(5)(6)(7). It’s easy for a woman to find a new man because men are driven in their pursuit of the female species. In fact the courts are demanding that men convicted of assault should be administered testosterone reducing and estrogen enhancing drugs or undergo life changing surgery, ouch!

Women tolerate loneliness much better than men. Women don’t suffer the fear of being alone as much as men do. When a woman is lonely she wants a new partner, but when men are lonely they search out entire groups and become more social, enhancing their opportunity of finding someone new (8)(9). Not that it’s related but it’s still fun to say that it’s no secret that women tolerate physical pain better than men (10).

These are just the basics of what the average person already knows about women. But lets take it up a notch. What if we’re no longer just a typical person in the community, somebody’s neighbor, a friend. What if we’re in the middle of a war. Or on a corporate board trying to keep a massive company thriving. Or a member of the government. Who performs best under these circumstances? A man or a woman?

Better drivers…

Women statistically have always been better at many things than men, for example driving (11). Car insurance for women should cost less than for a man. And some insurance companies do in fact take this into consideration and do give women better insurance rates. Women often hear that men get paid better than men. Which is why some women have taken matters into their own hands and now are the company owners and determine the wages of women. Or the cost of their insurance by owning the insurance company (12). Perhaps that’s the solution to all inequality is to put women in the CEO chair.

Better Fighter Pilots…

First of all, according to almost every expert, and routinely published in every major news source available, such as Forbes, Time, even Entrepreneur and even military journals, and especially in technical journals of science and technology and business and military have reported that women are better at nearly everything than men. Even as fighter pilots (13)!

In fact, forget about fighter jets and military helicopters, women are even better at flying drones (14)(15)! And it’s no secret that women are doctors, scientists, and rule over entire empires! And so the real question is why do men still seemingly rule the world? Why is there still any question about whether or not a woman should be able to fill any and all roles on this planet and other planets? That’s for another article, not this one. I just want to push it home just one more time that women are better at everything, deserve the best even better than what men get, and it’s well beyond dispute.

Probably the biggest reason there’s still question is because while men might not actually rule the world because Queen Elizabeth is on the throne but they certainly seem to rule the work place. How many corporations are run by men instead of women?

If women are smarter, wiser, stronger, and so on… why then are they not running the corporate world also? Well, obviously the answer isn’t a matter of ability (16). And so what is it?

Women also control the budget or other admin tasks even when within a household where the man is the “tie breaker” in decision making, or “head of household” that are vital to the man’s survival such as shopping and help with fashion and keeping a tidy home and raising the children and so on. You’re probably also the one who is primary manager of gift giving on the holidays, birthdays, and so on. Because men don’t typical remember such important dates, or people’s names or other facts about a person that doesn’t seem relevant to the man’s mission as provider. Here’s a great article on finding the perfect gift: https://femleadership.blogspot.com/2017/12/finding-right-gift.html

It’s obviously a time issue…

Traditionally men have been free. Women were slaves or prisoners in the kitchen or brainwashed by society into actually wanting to be in the kitchen. Men were not. Men were free to shoot each other, massacre entire nations of indigenous people. Men have been free to build war machines and wage war and do whatever they wanted.

Women were forced to stay in the kitchen. Well, it’s not that way anymore and women are free! And now they’re entering the business world en masse and it’s just a matter of time before they’ve entered every corner. Men had a head start, that’s why their hands are in everything. Women now are there and are taking the business world by storm (17)(18)(19)!

Not only are women better in the cockpit of a fighter jet, or helicopter, or flying drones, they’re also better leaders than men! Especially in business (20)!

Not only are they better business leaders, they’ve also been proven to be able to take any stress, pressure, weight, heat, and hell that men can (21)(22). And so really there’s no excuse for companies to not put a woman at the helm of the ship especially if they’re headed into a storm! However there’s just one last thing that everybody needs to be careful to consider and implement when they put a woman at the head of the company, they better give her the proper rewards, credit, honor that they would’ve certainly given to a man even had he only accomplished half of what she did (23)! Men wonder why women left the kitchen and took all their jobs. A simple “thank you” would’ve made all the difference, but that was too much to ask of men, and now men are getting a taste of their own medicine (24)!

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