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Obviously you can’t speak a language instantly, without reading it out loud. And so, I’m going to talk about the power of using a transcript to speak out loud, so that you’re literally speaking the language, instantly. I’m going to talk about why this is effective. And why it’s even better than having a conversation partner!

Whether this is a life or death serious situation, or just for a hobby, you are wise to want to speak other languages. It literally can increase your lifespan! Experts say by as much as 10 years! See my website for the actual sources of that information, it will shock you!

Yes, it can make you a lot healthier! And even Literally increase the size of your brain! They say that as the brain goes so does the body! Again the sources of that information is at my website, and it will shock you!

AND… speaking other languages can make your life more fulfilling, prosperous, and awesome! But how can you speak another language quickly, easily, and for FREE?!

You’re probably never going to be fluent in another language if you use the same methods that you and I and everybody in the whole world is using. For example we go to school. We buy programs. We buy books. We take private lessons. And so on. I used the same methods you did! We all went to school. We all read “How to Speak Spanish” or whichever language you read about. We all did that. Everybody uses the same methods. And yet nobody gets fluent these ways. Why do I say this?

While ALL of those programs, schools, etc, have awesome value and certainly you’ll get most of what you’re looking for, in those things, do you know anybody who has become fluent using them? I didn’t think so. It’s very rare, there might be some exceptions, but probably as high as 98% of students, clients, users report that while they became better at the language, they’re NOT fluent yet.

Someone is Screaming at You!

Yes, I’m basing my statement on my personal experience, the fact that I have never met someone who became fluent because of school. AND… statistics. The following information should shock you. Yes, it’s as if someone has been screaming at you for many years and only now you’re going to finally hear what was being screaming at you all this time.

Yes, even the experts, their own statistics reveal that almost nobody speaks another language fluently unless they learned it at home. What? Yes, this is common knowledge within the school system. They are doing everything they can to fix this problem. It’s not their fault. They have done everything they can to fix this problem. The solution simply seemingly doesn’t exist. And seemingly there are no alternatives that work either!

And so, this isn’t saying anything bad about schools. Certainly you can learn almost everything about a language in school. And so, let me explain why you still need school, but what else you need also. Let me explain:

Small Airplane Vs BIG Airplane

Airplane pilots obviously go to a school to learn how to fly airplanes. But lets all agree that you cannot become a pilot until you’ve flown an actual airplane at least a few times. And lets agree that you must be able to fly the airplane reasonably well before they give you a pilot’s license. After a few times flying a tiny airplane that can hold 2 people. Fluency is like having a commercial airline license (you are safe to fly an airplane full of 300+ persons).

There’s a BIG difference between being proficient, and being fluent. As noted above, proficiency is like being trusted to fly an airplane with only a few passengers. You cannot operate a huge commercial airliner that has 300 people aboard, if you’re only proficient. You must have 20 years experience and be literally an expert, at beyond an instructor’s level.

Then how can you become fluent? Without 20 years experience? Well, luckily we’re not flying airplanes! Unlike flying an airplane, speaking a language isn’t rocket science! Nobody dies, hopefully, if you make a mistake. And you don’t need an airplane to practice speaking! That’s right! You don’t need to leave your city, your country, or even your house!

And So, What’s the Secret?

I’ve traveled the world and interviewed many people, trying to discover how they became fluent in another language. And they all had the same answer.

And so, today I’m sharing that secret with you.

What is ChatFellow? Simply some movie transcripts. For you to read so that you’re actually speaking the language. How can you develop your accent, if you never speak? How can you start speaking, if you never speak? These scripts get you speaking. Plain and simple.

Actually ChatFellow is a lot more than that, but that’s the main foundation, not necessarily movies but anything that gives you the most updated version of conversation (languages changes every 5 years even if just a little bit; think of idioms, slang, ever expanding dictionaries as new words come into existence, words and phrases become outdated and no longer used, and so on). Whether it’s a book, or a movie, and so on. We use specific and demanding criteria to get the best material possible for the sake of getting the best results possible.

We Don’t Teach You the Language

You’ll need to know the basics of the language. Which you can get at any library, read a “How to Speak Spanish” or “How to Speak English” book. Those books will teach you basic pronunciation, some vocabulary, and the most important phrases. Or if you have already taken courses at school, or some other programs, great!

The more you know about the language, the better the results. ChatFellow doesn’t teach you the language. ChatFellow gives you practice speaking it. And so you need to already have a basic grasp of the language. The basics.

Because otherwise you won’t know how to read the language! You won’t know what anything means. It’s okay if you don’t know what everything means. But you need to know at least the most common words.

You won’t learn meaning, definitions, grammar, vocabulary at ChatFellow. You might, some of those things might come slowly, as you’re speaking. You will acquire a little bit of those other things. The longer you use ChatFellow. You’ll pick up some additional benefits. It’s almost impossible to do something and not get something out of it. That’s just life.

Maybe you’ll learn a few new words, some new aspects concerning the grammar, your accent might improve. You never know what you’re going to get, until you do it. Maybe nothing. Maybe something. Maybe something great! Try it and see for yourself.

Why Does This Method Work So Well?


YOU are your BEST conversation partner!

Think about all the conversations you’ve ever had with somebody, did you use every word in that language? No way! Some languages have 60,000 words! The English language has a MILLION words! And nobody wants to sit there for hours with you talking about every possible subject!

The average conversation in fact is a repeat of what you talked about last week, or last month, or last year. You’re most likely talking about the same exact subjects regardless who you’re speaking with. Everyone always talks about the weather, their job, their family, and so on.

You rarely talk about monsters landing on the beach during a tsunami and how you jumped in your airplane and flew to a safety. You also have probably never screamed at everybody to flee the building because it’s on fire. How are you going to save lives, or be saved, if you never talk about those subjects?

And do you really want to talk about all possible subjects, with a stranger? Some subjects are rather private, or even embarrassing. When you’re reading the transcript of a movie, you play many roles. You discuss many subjects you’ll never discuss with even your closest, most trusted friend.

I can think about a plethora of subjects you definitely don’t want to have with even your closest friend. Or even a stranger. Reading out loud, by yourself, you can play any role, be any person, and you’re talking back to yourself.

Yes, you’re both people! How many conversations do you have where you speak 100% of the time, and you listen 100% of the time? Usually you speak 50% of the time and your friend speaks 50% of the time. Or somebody speaks more and the other person gets less speaking time. With movie transcripts you’re speaking and listening 100% of the time. Because you’re both people!

AND… how many movies only have one person, or two people speaking? Most movies have groups of people, three, four, five, even twenty people all speaking! For example a sports team, or in a courtroom, and so on.


Your brain is a super computer!

The second reason this method works so well is because the human brain is basically a super computer, it does a lot of things all by itself, for example it keeps your heart pumping, your lungs breathing, your blood flowing, healing, digestion, dreaming, so many things happen without you even realizing it. Are you controlling those things? Or is your brain controlling those things? Exactly!

Your brain learns all on its own. How do you recognize friends? Do you have a list of their physical characteristics? Your brain does all of that for you. You can even recognize your friend when their head is turned away, and even if they’re just a shadow silhouette. How does the brain do that? The bottom line is that it’s the brain doing that, not you.

Language is the same way, you’ll notice that you naturally automatically acquire accents when you live somewhere long enough. Sometimes even quickly. It just happens naturally automatically. Your brain does that!

Further proof is the fact that most humans are speaking by age 3 and I’m certain none of us were in school at that age! How did we learn to speak? No school, no practicing, and experts have discovered that most children simply start speaking, without practicing first!

They learn obviously by simply listening. That’s how amazing the human brain really is. Just by listening, the child suddenly starts talking! When you’re talking your brain is listening even to you! When you’re talking, your brain is listening and determining if you’re speaking correctly. Your brain is studying you and learning from you and correcting you.


Playing Mozart and Beethoven…

How do musicians learn music? Probably at school. Maybe even with a private teacher. Or maybe they read “How to Play the Violin” books. Some people even teach themselves. But ultimately everyone must play the music of somebody else, to become good. You play Mozart, Beethoven, and so on. You play another person’s music so that you can become as good as them!

Languages are exactly the same!

Professional actors, and lawyers, even doctors, especially sales people, and yes of course politicians, all must learn how to speak well, and one of the ways they do that is by reading the speeches of other people. Politicians practice many times, reading their own speech, over and over again. That’s how they perfect their speaking ability.

ChatFellow scripts use those facts and many more, scientific facts about the human brain, how it learns, and so much more. We don’t have time to discuss it all here in just this one article. So I have a free e-book at my website that tells you a lot more. And the articles at my website also tell you a lot more. Everything is free except for the PRO version which you don’t need! The free version gives you everything you need!

It’s free at my website, my method. Normally you would spend many thousands of dollars on this type of program. Yet it’s 100% free forever at my website! Normally I would’ve asked for several thousand dollars. We do have a PRO version which is for professionals and teachers, however it’s unnecessary! The PRO version just has a few additional features and you don’t need it to become fluent fast! And to speak the language instantly.

Just so you know the PRO version is $189 just once, not monthly, not ever again, just one time! For a lifetime membership! However you don’t need it! Use our free version and see if it works for you! If you’re happy with the free version you never need the PRO version!

Not everyone can afford to pay that much money. And so we offer the free version because we care about everyone. Even rich people can use our free version. We welcome everyone to use it! Use the free version forever! It’s 100% free forever! And works just as well as the PRO version! This is our contribution to a dying planet. We’re NOT a charity. We’re a for-profit business. But we have charitable objectives.

In fact, for those who want the PRO version, we offer a 10% discount! And if you get our PRO version through one of our affiliates you’ll get a 20% discount! Or, simply use our FREE version!

Please start using it right now, for free, and continue to use it for free until you get results and are satisfied! And continue to use it forever! Thank you!

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Okay, so what is the secret to speaking any language instantly? I’m going to tell you right now. We have a free e-book at our website that will tell you a lot more of the details, but I’m going to tell you right now everything you want to know. So that you don’t even need me. You don’t even need ChatFellow!

Yes, you heard me right! You don’t need me! You don’t need ChatFellow! The secret to speak any language instantly, as I mentioned above, is simply read some movie transcript out loud (aloud)! It’s that simple! Do that everyday! You can even read the same transcript over and over again every day. It gives your brain, your mouth, and you, the chance to actually speak the language!

How many people can say they speak a second language, everyday? YOU! You’re now speaking the language everyday! In 3 years from now, you’ll be able to say that you’ve been speaking the language everyday for 3 years! Or how about 6 months from now? Or even 2 weeks from now, you’ll be able to tell your friends and family that you’ve been speaking the language for two weeks, everyday!

Of course, you won’t be able to speak the language without the scripts. And you won’t be able to have a full conversation with a real person. Unless you already know the basics about the language, and some vocabulary. That’s why school, and other programs, are still important. You could learn the basics by reading a book on how to speak the language, for example “How to Speak Spanish” or “How to Speak Chinese” and so on. Those books will teach you the basics, the pronunciation, some vocabulary, and the most important phrases. Then, start using ChatFellow. Everyday!

Yes, It’s Permanent!

One of the reasons the results are permanent is because you’re going to need to continue doing this, forever. But don’t worry, you don’t need to read scripts everyday! Just a few times per week. That’s 3 minutes per week! Do you have 3 minutes this week? And 3 minutes next week? Of course!

There’s so much more that I want to tell you about the science behind my method. And all the various techniques and strategies that go into each script so that you’re getting maximum benefit, fast improvement, huge improvement from using ChatFellow scripts. I do speak about more of these things, the science, and so on, in full detail in my free e-book at my website.

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