How I Became Owner of a Billion Dollar Company

Ben Arnold
17 min readAug 7, 2018


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Everybody wants to know how I became the owner of a billion dollar company. And I’m sure they want to know if I’ll share!

I can answer both of those questions:

The reason I got into business was because I had more goals than the average career could afford. Being a doctor and lawyer wasn’t an option because they didn’t make enough money.

Why would I go to school for 6 or 8 years of my life, to only arrive at a point in my life where I couldn’t attain any of my life’s goals? And at that point in my life I’d be older, less options, less opportunities, and half of my life already gone.

I’m a believer that we can start over at any point in our lives, no matter how old. Any age is a good age. But still, I don’t want to wait until I’m half way through my life, and then start working towards my goals. That seems like such a waste of the first half of my life! None of us is guaranteed a long life.

I would much rather get started right away, and be able to enjoy my accomplishments during my lifetime, not only at the end of my life. For that reason, retirement never appealed to me.

One of my first mentors who was a very, very rich man, told me the truth. He said, “you won’t look good on a jet ski when you’re 80 years old. And it would probably kill you.”

I’ve seen 80 year old men on jet ski’s and they didn’t die, so… maybe I’d do alright. But my friend’s words rang loud and true because for the first 80 years of my life, I don’t want to be sitting in an office, instead of at the beach riding jet ski’s. That’s too long to wait. I’m patient, but patient doesn’t mean that I’d love to sit around in hell, waiting for heaven.

Why accept hell when you can be in heaven?

That’s a missionary question.

People always ask, why did God put us here in this awful place, where there’s death, sickness, war, and all manner of horrors, if he’s truly our loving father. Well, maybe he’s trying to give us a message!

Too many of us complain about God not answering our prayers (me included), and what have we done lately? Personally I’ve wasted many, many years of my life. I’m ashamed of that whenever I see homeless people, or war.

Last time I checked, 80% of the planet is in poverty, a good portion of us are being killed in war, and by starvation, and floods, diseases, crime, prison, and so much more. Almost every mother on this planet has lost a child. You wouldn’t know that because they don’t brag about it.

And so I ask again, what have we done lately? If we want a better life, why did we choose to become a doctor or lawyer?

Not that those are bad careers.

Those are great careers.

I’m just saying that many doctors and lawyers wish they had more. Several of my doctor friends are dead now because the jet they bought, I’m sorry, it was a propeller airplane, was cheap. I never hear about my friends who fly around in jets, crashing and dying. Jets don’t crash, very rarely.

But cheap garage built kits, do.

But okay, maybe not everybody wants to own their own airplane. Maybe not everybody wants to drive a Porsche or Bentley or Lamborghini. Maybe you’re already happy right where you are.

But we still have problems:

#1). We wish we could live longer.

#2). We wish we could be sick a lot less.

#3). We wish we could have more excitement in our lives.

#4). We wish we could have more energy.

#5). More desire to wake up in the morning and enjoy the day.

#6). Many of us are depressed.

#7). Or we’re just bored.

#8). We would like to travel a little more.

Some of us have discovered that a hobby makes all the difference. Learning a new language, trying new food, joining a group. Meeting new people. Having parties with friends. These little acts make all the difference. People are what makes us happy. And doing things.

Also, did you know that when you give to charity, it changes your life? Literally, unless you forgot that you did it, when you give to charity, it gives you the most amazing sense of satisfaction in your life.

Whenever I’m backed in a corner, hit rock bottom, and there’s no way out, I can say to myself, I was a good person.

I did something good with my life.

I gave $20 to the White Hats foundation.

Or $5 to that homeless guy near city hall, a few years ago.

But if all we do during our lives is give and give and give, eventually we end up with nothing. Then we can’t give anymore. And that’s the main problem with this world. We don’t think. We just do it, without putting any thought into it.

Jesus Christ said it best, when His Apostles came back to Him and said Master we tried to heal the lame, blind, and raise the dead, and we couldn’t! Jesus said to them, all you did was pray.

You must do more!

Maybe they didn’t know that Jesus Himself had gone out into a desert and fasted without food for 30 days, or was it 40 days, and then was challenged to a test by Satan. If all we’re doing is praying, it’s not enough.

And I’m not talking about miracles.

I’m not talking about spiritual things.

I’m talking about money.

And so it’s going to require more than going into a desert and fasting. It’s going to require a lot more. I know this for a fact because I fasted, many times! And I know hundreds of other people who have fasted, and we all stayed poor!!!

Different objectives have different requirements. Raising somebody from the dead requires that you pray and fast. Those 2 things, and maybe you also need somebody like Jesus Christ to touch you and say that you’ve been given His power.

To make money there are also certain requirements:

First, you must accept it.

Many people don’t accept Jesus Christ. They think He’s a fraud. Or that He never existed. If you think money is evil, or a bad thing, or risky, or dangerous, and you don’t want it, then why do you think you’ll ever have more of it?

One of my mentors said it best,

“the best way to become rich is to keep your bucket facing up, so that when the rain comes you’ll catch it.”

He was referring to the fact that opportunities come along during our lifetime, to everyone, and we often don’t recognize it, and let it pass us by. Or we do recognize it, but we’re scared, and so we just ignore it.

Or we “grabbed it by the horns”, but it was too difficult, and so we gave up and we let go.

There are many reasons why we didn’t take advantage of all of the opportunities that life has given us.

I always hear people saying that there are only a few opportunities that come along to each of us during our lifetime. And that’s why it’s so important that we are watchful so that we’ll recognize them when they come, and so that we’ll take full advantage when they come.

But I believe there are many opportunities.

I believe that you’re surrounded by opportunities right now. I’m already rich and yet I’m still surrounded by many opportunities. And they are in all shapes and sizes.

#1). Some are opportunities to be poor.

#2). Some are opportunities to get killed.

#3). Some are opportunities to get rich.

#4). Some are opportunities to live longer.

Which opportunities are around you? That’s a great skill to have, being able to recognize opportunities. It’s another great skill to know which opportunities will serve you well. And which ones will send you straight to hell.

We must take life seriously.

We must take choices seriously. We must not waste opportunities by letting them pass us by. And also we must not accept opportunities that will destroy us, or give us a boring life, a meaningless life, an unfulfilling life, or worse.

Keep that bucket right side up, by getting an education. You don’t need to go to school to get an education. You can simply surround yourself with people who are wise. People who already have what you want. People who have the education already.

Keep that bucket right side up, by going to the right place. You can’t become an Eskimo if you live in the jungle. You must go to where there are igloos and penguins.

That’s the reality of life.

Many people are seemingly trapped in their towns, their countries, and so on. But I’ve moved to different houses, towns, countries many, many times. Hundreds of times!

And so I’m still dumbfounded when I see people get run over by war, drugs, relationship problems, drama, and so on. If we want a change in our lives, the quickest way is by changing the environment.

There’s no quicker and easier way to get rid of your old friends. It’s not easy to say “no” to friends and family.

But it’s super easy to say that you’ve found a nice house and job that you want, that’s in another country.

But… if you don’t speak the language of that country, how are you going to be happy there?

I got tired of seeing people suffering. Not being able to relocate to another country. Not having any excitement in their lives. When in fact almost everybody is taught a foreign language in school.

Did you learn a foreign language in school?

The sad fact is that nobody graduates with the ability to speak that language fluently. It’s impossible to learn how to speak a language if we never speak it in class.

In class we simply don’t have time.

We learn the basic phrases.

But that’s all we have time to learn in a classroom.

My FREE program enables you to speak the language, for just 1 minute, every day. Can you imagine how good you’ll be at speaking that language in 5 years from now? If you’re speaking it, everyday?!

How exciting is that? And if you’ve already learned the basics in school, you can use my program. Because you don’t need to understand the language. You don’t need to know anything as long as you already know the basics. You simply read my scripts out loud.

Just for 1 minute!!! That’s not boring. That’s not difficult! That’s not impossible! You can do it on the bus, in the bathroom, on an airplane, in your bedroom, anywhere! And at any time! How difficult is that?! This is exciting!

For students, children, adults, professionals, even teachers, and anyone! All ages! Anyone can do this! And it’s 100% FREE!

Go here now, to take back your life and live it the way that you want to live it:

When I discovered how easy, fast, simple, and FREE it was to become fluent in all of the languages that I had learned in school, I immediately wanted to share this with the world.

That’s why I did this. It had nothing to do with money. I wanted to stop the suffering that I was seeing in my classrooms.

In my students.

In my friends and family.

I was sad every time that I heard somebody say that they’d forgotten the language of the land and people who they loved. I was sad when grandparents told me they couldn’t speak the language of their grandchildren!!!

How tragic is that?!

I know men and women who can’t communicate with their own spouse! Somehow they stay happy and successful, but it must be difficult.

And people are trapped in their own countries.

Today we live in a world where you can get on a train, bus, airplane, ship, or bicycle and go to another country! The only thing stopping most people is the fact that they can’t speak the language.

You’ll hear me mention the English language several times. But my program gives you 15 languages for FREE! NOT just English. We offer all of the dominant languages (everybody on the planet speaks at least one of these languages).

Almost everybody speaks English. If you speak English you can travel almost anywhere on this planet and do well. Because luckily today, most people speak English!

But, not all people.

And those nations that speak English, for example India, the fact is that only 13% of the people in India can speak English, and those who can speak English usually can’t speak it very well. Many countries are like that. And, besides, you would have more fun if you could speak their language. You would be able to see and experience so much more of their food, culture, history, and so on.

You’re safer if you also speak:

#1). Spanish

#2). Chinese

Because those are the other 2 most spoken languages on the planet. If you can speak Spanish, English, and Chinese, that’s pretty much the entire planet.

Countries that don’t speak Spanish and Chinese, usually speak English. Even in China, many people speak English now. Even in Spanish speaking nations, many people speak English now.

But I recommend that you start with the languages that you already know.

The ones that you learned in school…

Even if you’ve forgotten it!!!

My scripts help you to remember! And helps bring it back. And helps you get back to the level you were at, very quickly. And helps you become fluent!

Why not start today?

If you don’t know any languages already, choose one and start learning the basics. Once you have learned the pronunciation, and can read fairly well (you don’t need to be able to understand what you’re reading, just able to pronounce it) then you can start reading my scripts!

Read one script per day. It’s just one paragraph! It takes only one minute to read! You don’t need to do this everyday, simply every other day, or every few days (a minimum of 3 days per week).

My scripts are intentionally designed to be impossible to understand. Because if you’re trying to understand… you’ll read slower. The main purpose of my scripts is to give you a good pace (speed). To open up your mouth and gives your muscles the opportunity to feel what it should feel like. Speaking is a physical activity that uses many muscles and organs and other parts of your body. Not only your brain.

Many people around the world are experts in several languages but can’t speak those languages! That’s because they’re like a pilot who went to fight school but has never actually sat in a real airplane.

How can you be a pilot if you’ve never flown an airplane?

Speaking is the same way. How can you speak the language if you’ve never spoken it?

My scripts are scientifically designed. So that you can’t understand what you’re reading. So that you’ll focus on speed instead of comprehension.

Also, my scripts are not redundant.

You’ll rarely see the same phrase twice. If you do see a phrase repeated, it’s probably in fact a little different from the other time you seen it. The words might be slightly different, and the sentence structure. The purpose of this is to introduce you to knew sentences each time you read. To continually give you more and more, new sentences.

And also to give you new experiences. For example one sentence might be about prison. Another sentence might be about mansions. And, these are all conversations. Not just statements. You’re not reading a magazine. You’re not reading a history book. You’re reading the conversation of real people talking with real people.

And my scripts are up to date. They’re usually recent conversations, not older than 5 years. Most college and high school text books are revised editions of a book that was written over 20 years ago. In fact, it’s not uncommon to be able to trace your college and high school text books back more than 50 years!

That’s why you’ll probably never talk about cell phones and computers when you’re in school. Because the materials are outdated. If your school had current materials, that’s awesome! Because it’s rare! My materials are never more than 5 years old, if we can help it. We make it our priority to find sources that are no older than 5 years.

Because languages change dramatically every 5 years. Everyday another word is born. Everyday another word dies. Another phrase is born. Another phrase dies. And some words don’t die, but are changed.

Some phrases don’t die but are changed.

Slang becomes a part of the dictionary and adopted into the language. Some phrases become annoying cliches and are put near the back of the file cabinet of our brains, people stop using them.

There are entire libraries filled with outdated phrases, slang, cliches that should be deleted. Instead, we see them in our classrooms, sold at libraries, and so on.

Heaven forbid you ever accidentally purchase a book that’s 50 years old or older!

True story, many of my friends use idioms and cliches that are so old that I don’t know what they’re saying! And I’m an expert! I studied Shakespeare. That’s nearly 500 years old!!!

If I can’t recognize the idiom or cliche or phrase or word that you’re using, that’s really bad!!!

That means it’s probably 1,000 years old! You were probably studying the Bible and learned your English from the Bible! Yes, I study ancient languages!

I’m an expert.

I recommend the Bible and Shakespeare, to add richness to your English. But I definitely don’t recommend that you learn to speak by using those books. Because today we don’t speak like Shakespeare.

I read magazines, without speaking. I read history books, without speaking. When I read conversations, I read them out loud, with my mouth. That helps me become more and more fluent, even in my own native language!

None of us are perfect.

If actors, politicians, lawyers, and even doctors are practicing speaking, when giving speeches, or before an important meeting, or when preparing to do their job, then we all need to do that also.

We become better with practice! Everyone who speaks for their career, must speak well. The US President before giving a speech, reads and then practices giving that speech, a dozen times before giving the real speech.

Why shouldn’t we demand perfection? Why shouldn’t we speak well? We all could use some improvement.

And, should we speak like Shakespeare? Should we speak like a Zombie? Or prisoner? Or soldier? What movies do you watch? What books to you read? If you’re watching zombie movies or reading Shakespeare, those probably are not very good sources for your speaking material.

You should get books and movies where there are lots of people talking about things that you actually talk about.

Real life conversations.

Not fantasy or science fiction movies and books. You’re not going to talk about magic and monsters when you’re having an interview at college or new career.

We need to mirror books and movies that are similar to our real life.

If we’re a mother, we should read books about characters who are mothers. If we’re a lawyer, we should read books about characters who are lawyers. And use their dialogue when reading it out loud.

True story:

I know people who watch movies before they go to their job that day, and then they perform similar to how they seen it done in that movie. And they are very successful politicians, doctors, lawyers, actors, and so on.

How do you think Abraham Lincoln became a good speaker?

He practiced Shakespeare. He read other great men and women’s speeches. He met with the author of a very famous book, and told her that he loved her book. He read books. He read English. And he practiced giving speeches, hundreds of times, before actually giving the real speech.

How do we learn to play the piano?

By playing Beethoven, Mozart, and the music of many others. We don’t just start playing our own music! That would be ridiculous!

How do we learn to speak our own native languages? By writing our own book? No. We read a book that was written by somebody else.

We learn the alphabet.

We learn poems.

We learn by listening to our parents speak with each other (if we’re fortunate enough to have parents). And so on.

One reason we do that is because Mozart and Beethoven were perfect. If we play the music of somebody who wasn’t perfect, we can’t be perfect. If we read the speech of somebody who gave awful speeches, then we’ll be awful speakers.

We don’t learn to speak English by listening to Rap music for example. I love Rap music but when I met a man who learned to speak by listening to Rap music, it was awful!

I respected him for learning the language. I respected him for trying. And for having the courage to speak.

But I cried myself to sleep that night.

And that’s why I created this company.

Now I give the power to you. Please share with others.

Certainly the people around you, your friends and family all went to school. Certainly they learned a foreign language, for at least a few years. Or maybe they seen the class and wanted to take the class, but were unable.

We all have a favorite language that we wish we could learn. Well, now is their chance. It’s their chance and it’s your chance!

And it’s my chance!

I’m using this program also!

There are many languages that I want to speak! Even if you’ve never learned another language in school, now is your chance. If you have learned another language in school, or if you spoke another language and have forgotten it, or you’re not fluent, or can’t speak it well, or if you cant speak it but you want to get better, to become perfect, then these scripts are for you!!!

You can do this.

You have 1 minute per day.

Change your life for the better!

Also, give your friends and family this FREE program! Give them this link and say, “you need to do this!!!”:


I learned Portuguese when I was younger. Not in school, but by living on the streets of Brazil. And later I forgot the language. I was very sad!!! Then I found this program! Now I’m fluent again!
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I learned French in school. After 4 years of classes, I was sad when I graduated and still couldn’t speak the language! My diploma said that I graduated with full honors, the highest scores. That wasn’t fair, because I could only read and write! I could speak a little, like an infant. I wasn’t even proficient! Until I found this program! Now I’m fluent!
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I never learned Spanish. Not in school. And I’ve never been to a Spanish speaking nation. But one day I went to the public library and read a book about how to speak Spanish. After 2 weeks I understood some basic grammar, and I knew how to pronounce the alphabet. I knew some vocabulary and so on. But I knew I would never be able to speak the language fluently. Then I found this program. It took me longer than it would take for someone who already knew the language fairly well, but soon I was speaking! After awhile I began to recognize words and phrases and began to comprehend what I was reading! Before long I definitely had at least a basic understanding of the language and ability to speak. I could speak better than anyone who was learning it in school! This was unbelievable and I will continue using this program forever. I continue to get better and better everyday.
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I’m a student and I was doing terrible. My scores were low. I was failing some exams. My parents were angry. So I started using this program. And instantly my scores improved. And I am passing all of my exams. Thanks to this program!
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I used this program because I wanted to get a better career. I was scared of the interview. Because I literally couldn’t speak the language. So I tried this program. Within a few weeks I was speaking very well. My teachers said that I was near fluent! Wow! And I did well in the interview for my career and I was hired. Thanks to this program!
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You can do this.

You have 1 minute per day.

Change your life for the better!

Also, give your friends and family this FREE program! Give them this link and say, “you need to do this!!!”: