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ChatFellow is a tool that enables you to become the best speaking partner you’ve ever dreamed of having! Nobody else can be as good as you. Because nobody else has your same schedule, needs, level, devotion, and desires.

My product is FREE and enables people to be able to finally speak the languages they learned in school. Wouldn’t that be nice (less than 1% of the students who graduate from schools today can speak the foreign language they learned in school, when they should in fact be learning several, not just one)! (3)(4)(5)(6)

And they never are able to speak it, their entire lives! What a waste of many years in school, all of that hope, and money (many governments spend billions of dollars, annually, on foreign language education and parents collectively in those nations spend hundreds of millions of dollars, annually). (1)(17)(18)

“ South Korean tutor Kim Ki-Hoon earns $4 million a year, according to Amanda Ripley, writing in the Wall Street Journal. He earns the near equivalent of an average NBA player’s salary” (17)(18)

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What if…

What if with just 1 minute per day they can now speak any language instantly? Too good to be true? Well, of course they’ll only be reading out loud. But can you drive a car without ever getting into a car? Or a pilot an airplane? How can people become good speakers if they never speak?

This one last finishing touch is all you need.

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I’m not replacing schools or teachers or classrooms. I’m simply handing you something on graduation day that adds the finishing touch. So that all those years, hope, and money were not wasted! Who would want such a thing?

Missionaries for churches serving in foreign countries. Business teams trying to be global. The 7 billion people on this planet who learned a second language in school that up until now has sat dormant inside their soul, never used. I can think of 100+ reasons why everyone should want to be fluent.

#1). Being fluent would improve any person’s life.**

#2). Being fluent in a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th language is awesome!**

**Science proves that it would make them live longer, healthier, probably more successful and fulfilling lives. It gives them greater confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction, and strength. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! (7)(8)(9)(10)(11)(12)(13)

Wouldn’t you want that for your friends and family?

I’m giving it to the entire world for FREE, and you can help me by sharing this message with all of your friends and family! Take advantage of my FREE program for yourself and then share it with others for FREE!

How do we make $$$money$$$ if our product is FREE???

Because alongside of giving people stronger and healthier brains that resist disease and live longer, and also gives them self-confidence, self-esteem, satisfaction, potential for greater careers, education, advancement, and life opportunities, we also regularly ask people who are using our program to pay the full price for our program.

But it’s not mandatory.

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And we make them aware of that fact, that it’s not mandatory.

Because we realize that not everybody has $198 in their pocket. We simply ask. And we also appreciate it if they buy any of our other products which we regularly display in our program materials such as $Million dollar watches, yachts, Caribbean mansions, sports cars, Ivy League college programs, and other great items that even people who don’t want to buy or don’t have the money will still love looking at because it motivates them to want more in life and when you want more in life you usually take a few more steps in life in the right direction.

Our sites also host some of the greatest blogs on the planet such as parenting, family, relationship, social/friend, hobby, career, retirement, tech, toys, breaking news, shopping, home and garden, education, finance, conservation, health, and travel related information for our visitors in their leisure time whenever they’re bored or curious, to read, watch or listen.

Seems crazy right?

Obviously this is something the whole world loves right now. Billions are being spent, in each nation, for language acquisition. It’s a Trillion dollar industry! And we’re spending millions on this right now!!! (14)(15)(16)

You’re helping us to save the world!

We are not a charity. Although we do have charitable objectives. And yes we love the world. We love everyone. But we are a for-profit business. We pay full taxes. We’re a billion dollar company. (23)(24)

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But, maybe you’re not going to share this with other people. Maybe you just want to use our program for yourself so that you can speak 5+ languages and be awesome!

Be proud!!!

Don’t worry. You can believe in this program.

Check it out, try it for yourself, if you love it… you’re our champion and hero! Our entire organization will adore you!!!

Hate it???

If you only like it a little, that’s good enough to make something happen. You’ll see results even if you hate our program. We can definitely work with somebody like that. Personally, I hated school and yet I still got pretty good grades and all the results that comes with an education.

Does any student at any school love doing homework?

Does any student at any school love school? Sometimes just because it works, just because it gives us a better career and lifestyle and future and success, doesn’t mean that we’re going to love it, or like it.

Nobody loves doing a diet.

Image: Sandwich-2977251_1280 by Sponchia

We sometimes need to sacrifice, and do things that we don’t like to do, for the sake of humanity.

Hopefully you’ll fall in love with my program as much as I have. But either way, humanity is counting on you!

And the planet is counting on you.

Because without an educated and globally interconnected human population, who is going to save the whales and trees from what comes next in planetary evolution?

Will cats fly into outer space and save us?

Will giraffes fly into outer space and save us?

With my program the world can finally become truly global. Without the ability to communicate, look at what has happened to the family, to communities, to individuals. To entire nations. God help us (yes, I’m a prayerful person, add me to the Pew polls)!

Recent Pew poll shows that most (80%) Americans pray! (25)

We need to start communicating.

And the best way to do that is if we can all speak the dominant languages of this planet (English, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Indonesian, Japanese, German, Portuguese, etc).

You probably learned one of those languages in school.

But if you’re like the other 7 billion people on this planet, you can’t speak it fluently. Less than 50% of the people on this planet can speak a second language fluently. (2)

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In fact it’s most likely less than 30% according to experts. Only 15% of the people on this planet can speak 3 languages. Less than 3% of the people on this planet can speak 4 languages. And less than 1% of the people on this planet can speak 5 languages. (2)(3)

I’m not concerned with being able to speak 5 languages.

Or even 4 languages.

It would be nice to speak 3 languages. But what terrifies me the most is that 50% of the people on this planet can only speak 1 language!!! And they’re trapped. And that it’s actually almost 70% or perhaps much more! (2)(3)

That terrifies me.

Because their brains are less disease resistant.

Their lifespans now are shorter.

Because at best, only half of the people on this planet can speak a second language and most of them cannot speak it well. Science has proven that your brain is greatly affected by how well you speak a language. (8)

And so the fact is that if a person cannot speak it well, they have diminished the health effects. They have diminished all of the effects they would’ve otherwise enjoyed.

With just 1 minute per day, and for FREE, am I asking too much?

Am I like a teacher assigning homework to a student? What student wouldn’t be overjoyed if they discovered that their homework assignment each day would only require 1 minute of work only?!

Have we become so lazy since our school days ended? That we can’t devote even just 1 minute to improving our health, extending our lifespan, and becoming a faster, stronger, clearer thinker?

And feeling like James Bond, or on top of the world?

How would you like to be the smartest person in the room?

Not because you have more knowledge, not because you have more skills and education, not because you’re a genius, not because of anything you know or are able to do, but because you speak more languages and people always assume that a multilingual person is a genius.


And now, you can give that to everyone, for the same price you paid: FREE, and 1 minute per day.

In fact, if you do this at least 3 days, per week, you’ll still get similar results! You’ll become fluent very fast, and permanently.


That’s an additional bonus is the fact that everyone in the world forgets even their own native language if they don’t use it, and we’ve fixed that problem.

Remember Tom Hanks in the movie “Castaway” where he was trapped on that island and when he finally escaped he couldn’t utter a single word, not even his own name?

Image: bora-bora-3023437_1280 by Julius_Silver

It’s a true story (not the Tom Hanks movie)!

Yes, it’s true, you can lose your native language (but it can usually come back, hopefully quickly). (19)(20)(21)

When I spoke only Portuguese for a year of my life, it took several months before I was able to speak English fluently again. What if it had been 10 years, or however long Tom Hanks was on that island?

And what if it wasn’t your native language? How much quicker would you forget it? Truly tragic!

Image: ChatFellow Mobile App

With my program, you can maintain 5+ languages, especially 1+ languages, permanently! And if you’ve already forgotten a language, this program helps bring that language back to your remembrance, making you fluent. And it’s fun!

Say YES!!!

I’m always here for you. Any questions? Want to say yes? Let’s talk about anything! Even the weather!

Contact me anytime!
- Ben Arnold (CEO of ChatFellow)

Start using my FREE program immediately! Verify for yourself that it truly works. Then share it! Tell everyone about your new ability to speak any language fluently! Because once you’ve learned how to do this, my FREE method, you can then apply it to any language and all languages!!!


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CEO Ben Arnold (ChatFellow)

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Speak Any Language Instantly!

If you know anybody who learned a foreign language in school but still can’t speak it fluently, my 1 minute program makes anyone fluent in any language! Very fast! Very easy! And did I mention that it’s free for the rest of your life? The results are permanent! Go here now!

Here’s the link:

Thank you! Please give this awesome gift to yourself and your friends! Simply give them that link!

Want Money?

My company is always trying to find ways to share our billions of dollars with the communities of the world. It might not be a billion dollars that we give you, but if we can help you have more money, we will. Usually we’ll ask you to do something simple like post our slogan online where people can see it. And then we pay you for doing that! We’re not talking peanuts. We pay much better than anyone else! Usually a lot more than you’d imagine! To see our current free money offer please visit our website:

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Contact me anytime!
CEO Ben Arnold (ChatFellow)

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